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After His New York Loss, Bernie Sanders Should Focus on Democratizing the Democratic Party

Jesse Myerson
In These Times
A convention fight this summer in Philadelphia offers Sanders the opportunity to make significant reforms to the Democratic Party. He should continue fighting to mobilize every last voter and delegate behind his agenda of guaranteed universal rights to healthcare, education, and dignified conditions - and continue impressing the necessity for ongoing mass agitation (what he calls the "political revolution") to accomplish the same.

Bernie Sanders Unveils Forceful Climate Change Plan, and He's Going After Big Oil

Laura Barron-Lopez
Huffington Post
Bernie Sanders comprehensive energy plan takes aim at the fossil fuel industry, addressing nearly every controversial issue under the energy and environment policy umbrella. It would outright ban offshore drilling, ban Arctic drilling, block natural gas exports, stop attempts to lift a decades-old ban on crude oil exports, support states trying to ban natural gas fracking, and ban mountaintop removal coal mining.

What's a Democratic Socialist? Bernie Sanders Explains

Tessa Stuart
Rolling Stone
Today in America we not only have massive wealth and income inequality, but a power structure which protects that inequality. A handful of super-wealthy campaign contributors have enormous influence over the political process. In his 1944 State of the Union speech, President Roosevelt outlined what he called a second Bill of Rights. This is one of the most important speeches ever made by a president but, unfortunately, it has not gotten the attention that it deserves.

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