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ACLU Files Brief for Chelsea Manning's Health

Jos Truitt
ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio explains, “Chelsea has been fighting since she arrived at the [United States Disciplinary Barracks] more than two years ago to receive treatment for her gender dysphoria and to be treated like the woman that she is.

Pursuing Happiness as a Trans Woman of Color

Kai Cheng Thom
Even with the so-called “transgender tipping point” spurring a surge of media attention on trans women, the stories that are emerging remain painfully, terrifyingly limited. More than ever, trans women of color need be able to dream about ourselves as vibrant and powerful.

Review; "The Big Short"— Capitalism Gone Mad

Ed Rampell
The Progressive
Based on actual events and characters, Short focuses on the fall of the housing market, leavening what many might find extremely dry, complicated subject matter with humor. While the so-called business press completely missed the story until this 'shit' hit the fan, the film tells how a few investment outsiders stumbled upon the unfolding crisis and bet against it. ('Short' is Wall Street-ese for 'bet').

Big There Contracts: Who Won?

Dianne Feeley
Against the Current
The 2015 UAW/Big Three contracts took 67 days and multiple attempts to ratify, resulting in what most autoworkers see as a partial victory.

Dialogue with Barbara Ehrenreich - Connecting White Privilege and White Death?

Joy Schulman and Meizhu Lui
Moderators' Note: The following is a response to Barbara Ehrenrich' article, What Happened to the White Working Class? The Great Die-Off of America's Blue Collar Whites, posted by Portside on Dec. 10.

Emperor Weather: Turning Up the Heat on History

Tom Engelhardt
Tom Dispatch
Successful negotiations in Paris can only be the start of something far more sweeping when it comes to the forms of energy we use and how we live on this planet. Fortunately, experiments are underway in the world of alternative energy, funding is beginning to appear, and a global environmental movement is expanding and could someday, on a planet growing ever less comfortable, put the heat on governments globally before Emperor Weather can turn up the heat on history.

Killer Drone News Blackout Continues As Mainstream Media Ignore 4 Whistleblowers

John Hanrahan
Polls show it and commentators of all political stripes often cite the figures: Killer drone attacks by the U.S. military and the CIA in the Greater Middle East and Africa have strong U.S. public support. Yet major media ignore four former Air Force drone-war personnel who went public with an open letter to President Obama urging the President to reconsider a program that kills “innocent civilians,” and which “only fueled the feelings of hatred that ignited terrorism.

Death Penalty Dysfunction in 2015

Liliana Segura
The Intercept
2015 was still a wretched and messy year as far as the death penalty was concerned, one that did much to undermine our country’s vaunted claims to “evolving standards of decency.”

Why Did Turkey Shoot Down That Russian Plane?

Conn Hallinan
The whole November 24 incident looks increasingly suspicious, and one doesn’t have to be a paranoid Russian to think the takedown might have been an ambush.

The Secret History of One Hundred Years of Solitude

Paul Elie
Vanity Fair
A half-century ago, Gabriel García Márquez, after yet another visit to the pawnshop, sent his now signature novel to his publisher. As Solitude turns 50, Paul Elie interviews Gabo’s longtime agent—just weeks before her death, at 85—and discovers the events that led to a literary revelation.