Climate Change

Paradise Burned: How Climate Change Is Scorching California

Gary Cohn
Capital and Main
California is facing the gravest threat to its natural beauty on record but many of us view the state’s expanded fire season as a cyclical anomaly – a belief sometimes spread by the mainstream media. To climate and environmental scientists, a new kind of fire and the expanded fire season are evidence that global warming is creating a new and vastly expanded fire danger to the West.

Once Stable Greenland Glacier Facing Rapid Melt

Andrea Thompson
Climate Central
A new study shows that two glaciers in Greenland are showing worrying changes, and that one has been retreating at an accelerating rate in recent years as it faces a dual attack by warm air from above and warm water from below. The glacier Zachariae has shrunk by 95 percent since 2002. The mass of miles-thick ice that covers most of Greenland could raise global sea levels by some 20 feet if it all melted.

Interview: 'This Changes Everything': Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis Film Re-imagines Vast Challenge of Climate Change

Amy Goodman
Democracy Now
'This Changes Everything', which re-imagines the vast challenge of climate change, is directed by filmmaker Avi Lewis and inspired by journalist Naomi Klein’s international best-selling book by the same name. Over the course of four years, the pair traveled to nine countries on five continents to profile communities on the front lines of the climate justice movement.