Climate Change

Bumblebees Being Crushed by Climate Change

Cally Carswell
While many species are migrating toward the poles as the climate warms, many North American and European bee species are failing to colonize new habitats, according to a new study. “Climate change is crushing [bumblebee] species in a vice,” says ecologist Jeremy Kerr, the study's lead author. “There's no way you can nail a bee with neonicotinoids, invasive pathogens, and climate change and come out with a happy bee.”

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The Hoax of Climate Denial Why “Politically Motivated” Science Is Good Science

Naomi Oreskes
Tom Dispatch
In recent decades, of course, the Republicans have lurched rightward on many topics and now regularly attack scientific findings that threaten their political platforms. In the 1980s, they generally questioned evidence of acid rain; in the 1990s, they went after ozone science; and in this century, they have launched fierce attacks not just on climate science, but in the most personal fashion imaginable on climate scientists.

Naomi Oreskes, a Lightning Rod in a Changing Climate

Justin Gillis
New York Times
Dr. Oreskes’s core discovery, made with a co-author, Erik M. Conway, was twofold. They reported that dubious tactics had been used over decades to cast doubt on scientific findings relating to subjects like acid rain, the ozone shield, tobacco smoke and climate change. And most surprisingly, in each case, the tactics were employed by the same group of people.

Pope Francis’ Call for a “Bold Cultural Revolution” to Save the Earth

Ian Angus
Climate and Capitalism
Pope Francis’ long awaited and controversial encyclical on the environment repeatedly challenges the reliance on capitalist market forces to address climate change, and links the root causes of the environmental crisis to the causes of global inequality and “human and social degradation.” According to Ian Angus, editor of Climate and Capitalism, Pope Francis has now positioned the Catholic Church as an ally in “fighting the number one crisis facing humanity today.”