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Tidbits - June 11, 2015 - Kalief Browder, Criminality of Prisons; Fight for $15; Edward Snowden: Hero; Ronnie Gilbert; Walmart; Suicide in Young Women; Left Strategy Needed; and more...

Reader Comments: Kalief Browder and Criminality of Prisons; Fight for $15; Edward Snowden - Hero; Ronnie Gilbert; Walmart Anti-Labor Activity; Suicide in Young Women; The Audacity to Win - Left Strategy Needed; Recommended Books - By non-white authors; Announcements: 62nd Memorial of the Execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg; Brooklyn Peace Fair

Does Anthropocene Science Blame All of Humanity For Environmental Crisis?

Ian Angus
Climate and Capitalism
Ian Angus, editor of Climate and Capitalism, responds to critics of Anthropocene scholars who assert the Earth has entered a new geological epoch due to human activity. Angus argues the criticism that Earth System scientists in the forefront of the Anthropocene project blame all of humanity for the actions of a small minority simply doesn’t hold water. And he urges ecological Marxists to be positive contributors to the Anthropocene discussions.

How Climate Protection Has Become Today’s Labor Solidarity

Jeremy Brecher
The Nation
American workers and organized labor have an interest in addressing climate change and in putting millions of people to work making the transition to a climate-safe economy. But much of labor is still committed to an “all of the above” energy policy that promotes all jobs—even those destroying our climate and future. Can that change?