Paul Ryan Is a Hypocrite, Charlatan, and Right-Wing Extremist

Peter Dreier
The Huffington Post
In any rational look at the spectrum of American political views, it is hard to imagine attaching the words "moderate" or "moderate conservative" to Ryan on any issue except perhaps his clothing preferences and his haircut. Hardly a "policy wonk," Ryan is simply a right-wing politician with strong convictions but few real facts to back them up.

How Goldman Sachs Profited From the Greek Debt Crisis

Robert Reich
Robert Reich blog
Just as with the American subprime crisis, and the current plight of many American cities, Wall Street’s predatory lending played an important although little-recognized role. Undoubtedly, Greece suffers from years of corruption and tax avoidance by its wealthy. But Goldman wasn’t an innocent bystander: It padded its profits by leveraging Greece to the hilt—along with much of the rest of the global economy.

Hillary Clinton's New Paleoliberalism; Sizing Up Clinton's Plans to Help the Middle Class - Here's the Rub: It Isn't Enough

Matthew Yglesias; Eduardo Porter
Hillary Clinton's record in office suggests that she is more liberal than either her husband or Barack Obama, and in a Monday speech outlining her economic vision she set out to confirm that. However, still lacking is much policy detail as to how this difference might look in practice. A future Clinton administration might help change the norms of corporate governance to foster the kind of labor relations that everyday workers have not experienced in decades.