3.2 • How do I prepare material for Portside?

Paste your submission into the body of an email. Use plain text -- not Microsoft Word or other special format.

Give it an informative subject line. (‘Mammoth cloned from ancient DNA’ is better than ‘Whoaa, this is awesome!’)

If the item is short, include the entire item in the body of the e-mail. If it’s long, include a title or a fragment and a web address for the whole item.

Do not send attachments. Because attachments may contain viruses or other nasty beasties, Portside neither sends nor receives attachments.

Include the web address of the source. This should have the form ‘http://www.domainname.org’ or something similar. It’s usually best to cut and paste it from the navigation field in your browser.

By default, we attribute comments and other original material using the full name of the author, if it is given, or else the username of the submitter. If you want to use some other name or to submit a piece anonymously, please say so at the beginning of your submission. Portside will not use your email address in the body of a posting unless it appears as part of your signature or if you specifically request it.