Tidbits - October 8, 2015 - Ethel Rosenberg Celebrated; Elizabeth Warren and #BLM; The Obama Presidency; Racist Violence - in Kansas; Syriza and its 'Left' Critics; Pope Francis; Announcements; and more...

Reader Comments: Ethel Rosenberg Celebrated in New York City; Elizabeth Warren and #BlackLivesMatter; The Obama Presidency - Afghanistan, Kunduz Hospital Bombing, Arne Duncan and 'Educational Reform' - Not; Racist Violence - in Kansas; Syriza and its 'Left' Critics; Pope Francis and Kim Davis; Announcements - New York City, Albany (NY) and Oakland (CA)

Syriza and its "Left" Critics

Mark Solomon
Despite being forced to accept under duress the Troika's demands to agree to a punitive memorandum, Syriza was able to maintain the trust and respect of a vast electorate, especially working class and young voters. With that, the original vision of Syriza not only did not die, but the struggle for a just, democratic society goes on under the party's banner.

SYRIZA's Pyrrhic Victory, and the Future of the Left in Greece

Richard Fidler
The Bullet
The September election was a consequence of fundamentally undemocratic maneuvers by Tsipras designed (in the words of the DEA, a Popular Unity component) to “confirm the balance of political forces and reestablish the viability of the SYRIZA-led government before workers and popular classes realize through their own bitter experience the actual content of the agreement that was signed with the creditors on July 13.”

Tidbits - September 24, 2015 - Refugee Crisis, Solidarity; Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Woman Held in Mental Health Facility; Rhiannon Giddens; and more...

Reader Comments: Refugee Crisis, Solidarity and Worker Rights; Radical Roots of Great Grape Strike and the United Farmworkers; Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders; Woman Held in Mental Health Facility Because Police Didn't Believe Her; Rhiannon Giddens and Old-Time Music's Black Roots; Announcements - New York and Los Angeles - Greece,Spain, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Cuba

These Four Elections Could Decide the Future of Europe - A Coming Storm?

Conn Hallinan
Foreign Policy in Focus
In upcoming votes for the European Union's most indebted countries, the left will have to battle both the forces of austerity and a resurgent xenophobic right. The backdrop for elections in Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland is one of deep economic crisis originally ignited by the American financial collapse of 2007-08. The response of the EU is massive cutbacks in government spending, widespread layoffs, and double-digit tax hikes on consumers.

Greek Lesson: We Need a European Spring

Yanis Varoufakis
New York Times
Across Europe, people are fed up with a monetary union that is inefficient because it is so profoundly undemocratic. This is why the battle for rescuing Greece has now turned into a battle for Europe’s integrity, soul, rationality and democracy by setting up a Pan-European political movement, inspired by the Athens Spring, that will work toward Europe’s democratization.