The Single-state Solution Is Already Here

Gideon Levy
The nationalists say, “An agreement will never be possible with those bloodthirsty people.” The center-left says, “There’s no way to live together.” The common denominator is racism, and the assumption that the hatred will last forever. To this we must add the arguments over the Jewish state’s sanctity and the end of the Zionist project. In short, one state means the end of the world. And now to the facts. One state already exists here, and has done so for 48 years.

In Israel/Palestine: Witnessing the End of a Colonial Regime

Ilene Cohen
What is happening in Israel today and what happened last week, last month, and for the past almost 50 years is about cementing sovereignty over land the international community agrees does not belong to Israel and over a subject people, the Palestinians, in contravention of international law. Yet, in Israel there is much talk about whether this is the start of the third intifada, but little talk of ending the occupation, the root cause of the escalating conflict.

Palestinian Red Crescent Society Declares State of Emergency in the West Bank; Clashes Break Out Across West Bank; JVP Statement;Tel Aviv March

Annie Robbins; Allison Deger; Jewish Voice for Peace
Scores of Palestinians were injured in clashes across the West Bank and more than 200 were arrested in Jerusalem, after Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday he is running an all-out war against Palestinian terrorism. Palestinians protested Tuesday in a day of rage, Reports from Palestine, statement by Palestinian Red Crescent Society and Jewish Voice for Peace. Protest vigil in Tel Aviv against the occupation and escalation Oct. 9.

Tidbits - October 8, 2015 - Ethel Rosenberg Celebrated; Elizabeth Warren and #BLM; The Obama Presidency; Racist Violence - in Kansas; Syriza and its 'Left' Critics; Pope Francis; Announcements; and more...

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Tidbits - October 1, 2015 - Reader Comments: Sanders, Labor Endorsements, GOP Attacks Hillary; Slavery; Syrian Refugees; Unions, Contracts and NLRB; Public Education for Sale; and more...

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The Greatest Threat to Campus Free Speech is Coming From Dianne Feinstein and her Military-Contractor Husband

Glenn Greenwald
The Intercept
It’s one thing to apply political pressure to induce governments to adopt speech-repressive definitions of “anti-Semitism” that are non-binding. It’s another thing entirely to try to import them onto state-run college campuses where they are used to outlaw the expression of certain forms of criticisms of the Israeli government. And it’s still another thing entirely for a prominent public official throw their ample financial and political weight around to ban ideas.