How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Keeps Working People Poor and Destroys the Environment

Simon Swartzman
Working In These Times
The Chamber of Commerce is basically a lobbyist for hire that reaches into other arenas of power to set the policy agenda for the nation in areas of central concern for its members. Major businesses hire the Chamber to carry out very particular legislative or other projects to change policies in ways that have big consequences for American consumers, American workers, international workers, the environment, and consumer regulations.

Black Labor Organizers Urge AFL-CIO to Reexamine Its Ties to the Police

Sarah Jaffe
Police ... sometimes are workers who make very little money, oftentimes receive very little benefits in terms of the capitalist system that we live in and we want to recognize that . . . If police were to excise police brutality and anti-Blackness from their institution, I think we'd be having a very different conversation. And that's also a conversation that I would be happy to have.