Tidbits - October 22, 2015 - Are You a Capitalist?; Sanders; Clinton; The Grassroots; Afghanistan; Puerto Rico; Palestine; Announcements; and more....

Reader Comments: Sanders forces question - Are You a Capitalist; Media and Country Debate Socialism like no time in a hundred years; Clinton; GOP Crackup; Afghanistan; Puerto Rico; Palestine; Leonard Peltier; Readers Debate Tipping; Rosalyn Baxandall Announcements: Marxist classes and book talks in New York; Paul Robeson play in Peekskill; Palestine Solidarity and Paid Family Leave events in New York

Tidbits - October 8, 2015 - Ethel Rosenberg Celebrated; Elizabeth Warren and #BLM; The Obama Presidency; Racist Violence - in Kansas; Syriza and its 'Left' Critics; Pope Francis; Announcements; and more...

Reader Comments: Ethel Rosenberg Celebrated in New York City; Elizabeth Warren and #BlackLivesMatter; The Obama Presidency - Afghanistan, Kunduz Hospital Bombing, Arne Duncan and 'Educational Reform' - Not; Racist Violence - in Kansas; Syriza and its 'Left' Critics; Pope Francis and Kim Davis; Announcements - New York City, Albany (NY) and Oakland (CA)

Fracking Dakota: Poems for a Wounded Land

Lee Rossi
The Pedestal Magazine
Fracking Dakota: Poems for a Wounded Land, Peter Neil Carroll's new collection, takes us on a fascinating odyssey across an increasingly broken America. With a cast of characters as disparate as Billy the Kid, closet racists, grave robbers, ghosts along the Natchez Trace, blue collar workers and the short-sighted corporations that exploit them, these poems share an undercurrent of looming disaster, a deep knowing that things are about to turn bad. (Cultural Weekly)

Meet the Group of African-American Organizers Building Black Support for Bernie Sanders

Salim Muwakkil
In These Times
Sanders faces a problem that often confronts progressive mavericks who strike a chord with the Democratic electorate, but who routinely fail to ring a bell with voters of color. They have often been blinded by cultural assumptions that devalue the sensibilities of the black community. But in 21st-century America, race is fundamental. Sanders has readjusted his policy platform and stump speeches, addressing racism and the criminalization of the black community.

Meet Rhiannon Giddens, A Singer Revitalizing Old-Time's Black Roots

Charlie Shelton & Frank Stasio
WUNC 91.5 - North Carolina Public Radio
Meet Greensboro, North Carolina native Rhiannon Giddens; see and hear why she has taken the music world by storm. Hear her music, and that of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. See why she is stretching the borders of traditional folk music, blues, country and old-time music. Hear her tribute to the Charleston Nine.