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Siren of the Resistance: The Artistry and Espionage of Josephine Baker

Kristen D. Burton
National WWII Museum
Iconic entertainer of the Jazz Age, famous for her risqué performances, Josephine Baker responded to the start of World War II by becoming a spy for the French Resistance. Known as the “Creole Goddess” of France, Baker used her celebrity to gain access to high-ranking Axis officials.

Socialists Should Aspire Beyond Labour’s Post-War Consensus

Matt Widowson
Morning Star
By all means, look to the past. Learn and be inspired, but do not try to turn the clock back. The ultimate aim of socialism should be the abolition of capitalism — anything less than this is reformism in the service of capital. Socialists may disagree about the pace of transition, or the means of enacting revolutionary change — but their ultimate aim must be the end of capitalism.

After His New York Loss, Bernie Sanders Should Focus on Democratizing the Democratic Party

Jesse Myerson
In These Times
A convention fight this summer in Philadelphia offers Sanders the opportunity to make significant reforms to the Democratic Party. He should continue fighting to mobilize every last voter and delegate behind his agenda of guaranteed universal rights to healthcare, education, and dignified conditions - and continue impressing the necessity for ongoing mass agitation (what he calls the "political revolution") to accomplish the same.

Gutting Public Unions

William P. Jones
Daniel DiSalvo's self proclaimed 'non-partisan' attack on public unions as greedy, inefficient and undemocratic, 'Government Against Itself,' has been welcomed by the right and granted recognition for its 'scholarship' even by some on the left. Not so fast, argues William P.

Negroes Need Not Apply: The EU-Africa Malta Conference

Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo
Black Agenda Report
Desperate to stem the “blackening” of the white homeland, the European Union last month offered billions in bribes to African governments to keep their citizens at home. “The goal of the ‘cash on the table’ deal was to place the responsibility for denying Africans refugee status in Europe on the shoulders of African countries.”

Growing up in an SRO

Single Beige Female
What could you accomplish if your whole family lived in a single room?

What Does California's New Sex-Ed Law Mean?

Katherine Marrone
Bitch Media Bitch Magazine
Sex education in the United States is changing. Since Obama became president, the federal government has quietly shifted funding from abstinence-only sex-ed to evidence-based sex-ed.


Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Artist unknown, Photo by John Slavicek, Offset, circa 1970, United States, 4967

How Big Oil Spiked Jerry Brown’s Climate Change Agenda

Gary Cohn
Capital and Main
As Governor Jerry Brown touted California’s environmental initiatives and prodded world leaders in Paris to embrace tougher environmental policies during the United Nations summit on climate change, it was instructive to look back at how one of Brown’s top environmental priorities suffered a major defeat in the California Legislature this year.