A Climate Protection Guide to Organized Labor

Joe Uehlein
Labor Network for Sustainability
Crucial to winning labor support for climate protection is the idea of a “just transition.” The burden of policies that are necessary for society—like protecting the environment—shouldn’t be borne by a small minority who happen to be victimized by their side effects. Climate protection advocates should insist from the outset that part of any transition away from fossil fuels includes protection for impacted communities.

Acknowledging “Ugly History of Racism” in Labor Movement, AFL-CIO Creates New Commission on Race

Bruce Vail
Working In These Times
A new AFL-CIO Commission on Racial and Economic Justice will attempt to create a "safe, structured and constructive opportunity for local union leaders to discuss issues pertaining to the persistence of racial injustice today in the workforce and in their communities, and to ensure that the voices of all working people in the labor movement are heard."

The Demolition of Workers’ Comp

Michael Grabell, ProPublica, and Howard Berkes, NPR
Over the past decade, state after state has been dismantling America’s workers’ comp system with disastrous consequences for many of the hundreds of thousands of people who suffer serious injuries at work each year, a ProPublica and NPR investigation has found. The cutbacks have been so drastic in some places that they virtually guarantee injured workers will plummet into poverty.

Labor Takes Final Stand as Wisconsin Prepares Way for Anti-Union Law

Ned Resnikoff
Aljazeera American
“[Right-to-work] is going to bring everybody down,” said Russ Krings, the directing business representative for the Milwaukee union International Association of Machinists District 10, during a press conference with other labor leaders on Monday. “It’s going to affect not only the union families and nonunion families. It’s going to affect all the businesses that we go and spend our money at. This is going to bring the economy down."

How Live Nation Exploits Low-wage Workers to Stage its Rock Concerts

Lydia DePillis
The Washington Post
IATSE is taking on Live Nation, the nation's biggest concert promoter because of its use of labor contractors who pay low wages and fail to ensure workplace safety standards. The union argues that the promoter, not the subcontractor is responsible,workers conditions -- an argument consistent with the NLRB ruling that McDonald's not its franchises were responsible for the conditions.