New York City

7 Things We Learned from Thabo Sefolosha's Trial

Dave Zirin
The Nation
After the NYPD broke his leg and charged him with resisting arrest, NBA star Thabo Sefolosha cleared his name in court. Here's what we learned. The NYPD has a racism problem that was just proven in open court. One of the least covered aspects in this trial was the surveillance footage of the initial approach by police. They passed Thabo's white teammate Pero Antic and making a beeline for Thabo. He was in their sights. He was their target.

Woman Held in Mental Health Facility Because Police Didn't Believe BMW Was Hers

Samuel Osborne
The Independent (UK)
African American Kamilah Brock, a banker, was driving her BMW in Harlem. Police did not believe that African American woman could own a BMW or be a banker. She was taken into custody, transported to a psychiatric ward, stripped and forcibly, and repeatedly, injected with sedatives - for eight days. She is now suing New York City. Only in 2015.

"From Worker Education Center to Hedge Fund and State Department Cabal: An Open Call to Struggle Against an Obscene Transformation"

John Alter
Committee of Concerned Students, Alumni, Faculty, & Staff
The struggle to save Worker Education continues. This battle is an integral part of the defense against the class warfare waged on unions, public education and institutions, the working class and those who work toward a democratic society, and human rights and opportunity for the oppressed, not hedge funders and warmongers. We have deeply disturbing developments to report about management's recent actions.

Streets of New York - The Subway

Photoessay by David Bacon
THE REALITY CHECK - David Bacon blog
New York has a real subway. Seems like anywhere I want to go is walking distance from a station. There are 421 of them, so it figures they're close to almost anywhere along its 656 miles of tracks in four boroughs. The great thing about the subway is the people. New York is so diverse - it feels like you're seeing people from everyplace on earth in just a few subway cars.

New York Hospitals On Notice

Mark Brenner
Labor Notes
Till now, NYSNA has negotiated separate hospital-by-hospital contracts for its entire history—while Service Employees (SEIU) mega-local 1199 was winning high standards and industry-shaping political power through master contracts with the same facilities. Now the nurses union is putting common demands on every table. At most hospitals it’s conducting open bargaining, with as many as 200 members showing up to participate in negotiations.