Largest US Jewish Group Slams Israel's `Misguided' Policies; Israel's Descent Into Jingoistic `Orgies of Feeling'

Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA); Neve Gordon
The current Israeli government is unlikely to permit advances in religious freedom such as civil marriage, equal funding of non-Orthodox institutions and reducing the power of the ultra-Orthodox Chief alternative to the rigid and insular Judaism that permeates Israeli public life must remind the Israeli state about the power and wisdom of a pluralistic approach to Jewish life, said Rabbi Rick Jacobs, of the Union for Reform Judaism.

To France's Motto of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" Must Now Be Added "Hypocrisy"

Yvonne Ridley
Middle East Monitor
There are concerns that Israel will now exert pressure on other allies, including America, Canada and Britain, to use state machinery and legislation to outlaw the growing BDS movement. It is high time, therefore, to expose the French action for what it is in an effort to deter such moves. 'Libert,, ,galit,, fraternit,' are all well and good; but now we must add "hypocrisie" and France should hang its head in shame.

How a High Dollar Speech Sends a Former Israeli Prime Minister to US Federal Court on Claims of War Crimes

Ann Wright
War Is A Crime
Serving legal documents on high visibility persons involved in international criminal acts is very difficult. However, the temptation of large honoraria for speeches in the USA tripped up former Israeli Prime Minister who has been accused of war crimes for involvement in the murders of ten passengers (nine were killed immediately and a seriously wounded passenger died after being in a coma for several years) on the Mavi Marmara in the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Israeli Rightists Push for Takeover of Al-Aqsa Compound

Patrick Strickland
Al Jazeera America
Encouraged by the most extreme elements in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, ultra-rightist organizations are demanding Israel extend its control over the Temple Mount or Noble Sanctuary, the compound that is home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The continuing Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem and rightist efforts to change the status of the mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, has spurred violent confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians.

"Broken Window Policies" are Discriminatory and Should be Opposed in U.S., Israel

M. Dove Kent, Donna Nevel, Rebecca Vilkomerson
Tikkun Daily
As Jewish New Yorkers, we firmly believe that no community can ever be safe through the oppression of another. Your advocacy of broken windows policing while in Israel reinforces the Israeli government's ongoing policies of discrimination against Palestinians. The military occupation of Palestinian communities, political and economic exclusion ...and discriminatory and violent policing by the military and police do not increase the safety of the Jewish people.